manufacturer of PVC granules for the production of hoses, cables, shoes and PVC injection,

Pishro Plast Bespar

Pishro Plast Bespar under the management of Mr. Majid Karimi and with the aim of increasing productivity and the significant importance of PVC in today's industry in the world, in the production of various plastic products such as shoe soles, hoses and PVC injection parts, etc., with the most equipped Quality Control Laboratory for hardness testing, density calculation of polymers, etc., as well as modern industrial machines, tries to provide the best services, beyond the current world standards in the production of various types of PVC granules for different usages and so far, with the support of expert forces and up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge, has been successful in the collection as well. The general policy of this complex is continuous development and upgrading the quality level of manufactured products, which using the latest technologies in the world, with a daily production of 110 tons of granules and PVC compound, with excellent quality and high purity is toward achieving this important.

پیشرو پلاست بسپار

Pishro Plast Bespar has always tried to be a leader in this industry by producing high quality PVC granules, which have many functions in industries. Types of hoses such as level hoses, granules for injection parts, sanitary granules, shoe soles, wires and cables, special compounds and hard and soft PVC granules, as well as plastics, sizers and engineering polymers, are among the products that our company tries to Production and supply, in accordance with international standards and even higher, for you, as our dear customers. Since this complex always prioritizes their needs to provide services to its customers, it produces many of its products in different colors according to the customers' tastes, and to clarify its performance, the details of the products produced by the company, is loaded on the website, which can be viewed and reviewed.


Our company, in order to provide better customer service, has set itself the following goals and policies:

- Continuous development
- Updating technical and scientific knowledge
- Employing specialized forces
- Upgrading the quality level of products
- Quality control of production materials
- Meeting domestic and foreign needs
- Use of new technology


Pishro Plast Bespar, by producing all kinds of PVC granules, as raw materials for the production of colored compounds, all kinds of plasticizers, engineering polymers, hoses, cable granules and other products, using the latest technology in the world, by offering the best quality, tries to meet the inboard and onboard needs of these plastic products.


In order to gain the trust of its customers, as well as to ensure the quality of products, our company has succeeded in obtaining certifications and standards such as ISO 9001-10002-14001-18001 and Management System Standard Certification (IMS) and Product Certification (PC). So you can safely place your order on Pishro Plast Bespar.

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